Triumph of the Two Hearts Shrine


  • Outdoor Stations of the Cross
  • One of Ohio’s most beautiful Shrines
  • Open from Dawn to Dusk

The idea for a shrine devoted to the two hearts of Jesus and Mary did not originate from a person or committee; it originated from a parishioner praying before the Blessed Sacrament when the idea came to her. In 1996, a committee was formed to make this idea a reality with the help of parishioners and construction began in 1997.

The Shrine architecture is meant to resemble a simple stable-like structure. The angle of the roof is 33 degrees to represent the 33 years of Jesus’ life. The height of the shrine plus the cross is approximately 50 feet to represent the combined age of Jesus’ life and Mary’s age at the Annunciation. Later, because of the effects of weathering and insect damage, the original cross was removed and a Glorious Cross was erected near the shrine on September 3, 1995. It is lit at night and stands as a constant reminder that God’s Son died for our sins.

The focal point of the Shrine is a ten-foot tall statue depicting Jesus standing behind His mother, Mary, with His hand on her shoulder and was carved from a 1,200-pound basswood log. The original statue was re-carved and painted during the summer of 2006, which has enhanced the beauty of the original carving.

The Shrine was meant to emphasize the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary with the eventual triumph of both over evil, and a call to believers to join in this triumph through their prayers. The shrine is enhanced by the beautiful stained glass window depicting the Two Hearts. Bishop Quinn dedicated it on June 28, 1998.
The Stations of the Cross, which depict 14 points in the passion and death of Jesus, was designed to complement the architecture of the original building. Leading up to the shrine with each having a garden at the base, they were constructed. The Stations were blessed by Bishop Pilla on July 1, 2000.

The shrine attracts many visitors and provides a peaceful location for parishioners to pray, and has also contributed to the beauty of the grounds. Over the years, grass and beautiful gardens, like the Mary garden, have replaced a hay field in front of the shrine and provides a serene surrounding for a prayerful retreat.

Pavers line the floor inside the shrine. They can be purchased and engraved to honor your loved ones, families, organizations, special intentions, significant events, or as a prayer of thanks. For more information, please contact the Parish office.